Day 7: A Kind-Of Serious Letter

This has been going on for some time now. I know I should’ve said something sooner, but I just couldn’t force the words out of my mouth. I hope it’s not too late, because I’ve decided to tell you now.

It started a few years ago, an innocent, seemingly harmless seed. I never thought it would come to this, so I just turned my eyes away. But soon, deep eye bags began carrying your sleepless nights, you lost control of yourself, and your addiction took over your entire life; you became your addiction. You longer even looked at me, you could no longer face me as yourself, and any words you spoke were just mindless blabberings, blind whispers. I can’t describe it as anything except an obsession. You ceased to be human. Soon, you slowly lost your mind, along with your friends and family members’ support, making you even more dependent. But I was there. And I’m here now.

For the sake of everyone, please. Please stop binge-watching on Netflix.

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