“Here. I need it fixed by tonight,” he said sliding the watch across the counter. “That’ll be fifty.” He slid twenty dollars across the counter, then slowly took out a cigarette, lighting it offhandedly. He raised his eyebrows at the woman, silently daring her to argue. She looked at him, blinking once and putting her […]


Everything reminds me of her. The sweet smell of tulips, pastel colors of the rainbow, the early songs sung by the birds every morning. Each of these simple things remind me over and over again how life is no longer worth living without the person I love the most – my mother. She changed me […]

Being Forgetful

Ugh. Going to a new school was going to be such a bummer. She glanced around the classroom, tapping her foot nervously, trying not to fidget. Her eyes unconsciously traveled around the room, observing her soon-to-be classmates. After what seemed like an eternity, the clear sound of a teacher’s shoes on the hard tile jerked […]